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Akrapovic Exhaust UK - which one?

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I'm in the UK and want to get an Akrapovic exhaust. However, when I look online here Akrapovic Exhausts

There's 2 to chose from. One is £699 and one is £899. Which one do I need for the UK??

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More pricey one has a catalytic converter but you can use either in UK at present. The one without cat has more power according to them
Put an offer in on the ebay one....save some cash. Calsport sell the one on ebay so it is a safe bet
My SC Projects Conic is well made and from a highly regarded company. It cost £285 delivered from Italy and is titanium. I think the Akra cans are too pricey for my liking but whatever floats your boat is what I always say :)
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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