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Am I in a minority hating 'loud' exhaust

  • Yes you old git get over it

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  • Not at all I like a quiet coffee and a muffin too

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Am I in a minority hating 'loud' exhaust?

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Controversial? I dunno :)

Maybe I'm getting old...

I did use to have crazy loud pipes on a 748 and never really thought much about how loud it was - I was wearing ear plugs after all! :oops: So maybe I just have more empathy...

I'm not saying I don't like a 'nice sounding' exhaust and I guess that may mean this post is on very subjective grounds but I think it's really annoying sitting outside a cafe having to pause conversations while a bike goes past with a very loud pipe.

I want to upgrade mine from stock eventually but will be keen to listen to whatever I decide to stick on before I do.

Am I on my own with this train of thought. Should I be banished from the forum :p?
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I think a little common sense goes a long way here. I see the problem as less about a loud exhaust and more about someone trying to say "look at me". If cruising by a roadside cafe (where the speed limit is usually greatly reduced) why goose the throttle to "cause" everyone to pause their conversations? I believe that is where the "compensation" factor lies. "Look at me and my loud motorcycle". Big deal, anyone can buy a big loud motorcycle. I realize that some people are trying to establish an identity as an ***hole, so I won't address those...
That being said, for the most part I enjoy a freer flowing exhaust because it really allows you to "hear" and "feel" the engine in a way that stock rarely provides. If I'm sitting at a roadside cafe (or a stoplight), I enjoy hearing the engines as they approach so I can try and guess what it is before visual confirmation.
Basically, I think you can have a loud exhaust and not be an ***hole. And conversely you can have a quiet exhaust and still be an ***hole.
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