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Am I in a minority hating 'loud' exhaust

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  • Not at all I like a quiet coffee and a muffin too

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Am I in a minority hating 'loud' exhaust?

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Controversial? I dunno :)

Maybe I'm getting old...

I did use to have crazy loud pipes on a 748 and never really thought much about how loud it was - I was wearing ear plugs after all! :oops: So maybe I just have more empathy...

I'm not saying I don't like a 'nice sounding' exhaust and I guess that may mean this post is on very subjective grounds but I think it's really annoying sitting outside a cafe having to pause conversations while a bike goes past with a very loud pipe.

I want to upgrade mine from stock eventually but will be keen to listen to whatever I decide to stick on before I do.

Am I on my own with this train of thought. Should I be banished from the forum :p?
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I'll stay out of this one until someone quantifies "loud" with a dBa figure.
Sweet sound ? - not with that stock pipe you won't.
I can't read Europeanish but I don't see any mention of a dB killer or a dBa figure. Any card or plate in Australia requires a manufacturer id and a dBa figure so such an item is useless here. I know we are a backard colony but we like it.
This still might not protect you from the constabulary though . ...but will make you heard by the great unwashed as they navigate the Queen's highways whilst reading newspaper's, drinking latte's, listening to those oh so funny guys on commercial FM and driving 2 tonnes of metal and plastic at 60 kmh +.
So I guess I ask what good your card is?

Also I will offer to those seeing an inverse correlation between manhood size and loud exhausts the following. ...
In my experience, small penises are held by those who like to tell others what to do. I know this as my ex Mother in law did in fact have a small penis.
Motorcyclists - real ones - live and let live.
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No mention of the db killer as you say but it does show what it confirms to at the bottom on reverse of card which I was told is bit about sound level....

Well, that does look like it might give some weight to a roadside discussion with the coppers. I wish I had one with my Termi.
I take it back (The bit about the card being useless, not the bit about the ex mother in law's penis)
80 dBa ????
I can burp louder than that....
Your average truck would be way over that so seems pointless.
As for 72, well the screaming kids in the 4wd next to you would exceed this.
94 or thereabouts usually keeps the wolves at bay over here.
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