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Like Hedonism said it's done through a control ecu (electronic control unit), or like I said 'if programed' using information gathered from the abs sensors.
On multi drive wheels ie. cars etc. the ABS unit can be used 'if programed' to apply the brake on the spinning wheel which directs drive to a wheel with more traction.
This of course dosn't apply to a single wheel drive ie. bike, but the principle is kinda the same using the ignition cutting drive to the spinning wheel allowing it a chance to regain traction. Some manufactures could apply the brake to an out of control wheel using the abs module you see under the seat of the Scrambler.
I could go on all day but I would need to use great big words and some of them I can't pronounce proper and certainly can't spell.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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