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A little background: I've posted a few previous question here about the oil consumption issue I've been having, which has (very likely) resulted in the fouling of the vertical spark plug, and most likely contributed to the early demise of my clutch plates. But no, there are no oil leaks, so it's pretty certain it's being burnt off.

I've had many suggestions, and pieces of good advice as to the causes, and ways to proceed.

For now I won't be able to address the underlying issue of oil consumption, and don't want to get rid of my bike as I really enjoy it too much, and scrambler are pretty hard to come by, and quite expensive where I now live (small town in southern area of South Korea).

So I figure, for now I'll a) replace the clutch plates and springs and b) be resolved to the fact that I will have to top my oil off every 1000 miles or so.

I'm getting to question 1 really really soon: Synthetic oil here is really, really expensive and options are few, locally (and shipping fees are expensive /don't want to wait weeks on oil arriving). The one 4T synthetic oil that seems available in the local shops, that is JASO MA2 rated, is "ELF" brand. Anybody here have any experience with it, or know if it's a decent brand with good results?

But to be honest, I'm really leaning towards the idea of using cheaper, non fully-synthetic oil. There are many more options available that are the desired weight, JASO MA2 rated, API SG or better, and about a third the cost. Are there any drawbacks in performance, or issues with my engine, that using a semi synthetic oil will cause? I understand it will degrade more quickly, but I'm not so concerned with that. I'll change it as need be, as long as it's available when needed. Which, given the fact new oil is continually being added, might extend time between changes? Thoughts?
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