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Having done about 500 miles in various conditions since yesterday, I now have a new appreciation for the throttle on this machine.

I would not call it hypersensitive, I call it extremely responsive. It is not just when "starting off". It is responsive at any speed and in any gear. (The close gear ratios of this bike exaggerates this.)

This responsive throttle is a pleasure on smooth roads but with rough roads it can quickly create unwanted responses.

I think that there are multiple points to be aware of, in order to control this throttle, instead of it controlling you.

One factor is the very upright seating position. While it can be comfortable and relaxed on smooth roads with mild cruising speeds, when things get going on rough roads &/or higher speeds, you may find yourself "hanging on" rather than "leaning on" the grips.

This creates an exaggeration of the instability because you can not stabilize the throttle. So my first suggestion, is to slide your butt a bit rearward and give yourself a little weight "leaning on the grips".

Even with this more stable body position, bumps will move your body, which is connected to the arm, which is connected to the hand and so to keep the throttle stable...you would need to adjust the position to accommodate for this movement........get my drift? This is an IMPOSSIBLE task. (It can partly be blamed on suspension but I would say the short wheelbase helps make things happen very quickly, no matter how good the suspension becomes dialed in.)

Unless you use a rest stop. Think of picking up a pen and writing something without resting your hand on the desktop vs. how you would normally be resting it solidly on the surface.

My preference, when the roads are smooth to slightly rough is to create a rest stop with one or two fingers on the front brake lever. This has a dual advantage of creating a rest stop to stabilize the throttle AND you are also covering the brake, thus reducing reaction time.

(these pictures are taken without gloves for diagrammatic clarity, wear your gloves!)

If you are following what I am trying to describe you will understand that if the throttle remains in a fixed position to the brake lever, it will be steady.

BUT...this only remains true when the brake lever itself, remains in a fixed position. And with rough roads the lever can become mobile as well, relative to the handlebar.

So I have discovered this technique, that works very well for me. That is all I can say about it. It works for me.

You will have to decide for yourself, if it is right for you.

So here is my stability position when the road is rough or I see an upcoming bump, pothole or whatever...

The thumb is solidly resting on the brake reservoir and the index finger in against the grip flange.
There is a natural pressure that squeezes these two points together and fixes the throttle position with the handlebar.

Using this technique, I can ride studder bumps without any noticeable change in the throttle position.

(If you are skilled enough, you can adjust the brake lever close in and use this thumb rest AND still cover the brake but this is pretty advanced.)

With both these techniques (finger on brake rest & thumb against reservoir) you must develop the skill of "rotating the throttle within your grip" rather than "overt wrist movement".

I know this may be hard to understand so if there are any questions about what I am trying to describe, please ask.

Edit: I was speaking from memory (which is bad) instead of looking at picture...thumb on throttle housing NOT brake reservoir.
Well Andy, let me first thank you for a thorough analysis and a very well written, with photos, post. BUT the point is that there definitely is an issue with the throttle and we should not be braking our heads on figuring out how to control this damn throttle from hell!!! This is the number one selling bike in Italy, and one of the biggest sellers in the world right now, and after the fizzle settles down, Ducati is going to be in front of a lot of uncomfortable customers...unless they do something about it soon.
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