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I believe BMW cars do a similar program where you order in your own country, go to the factory and collect your car, and then return it to the same factory for cleanup/servicing & shipping to it's final destination. Maybe they arrange dealer/temporary plates for that purpose, but it would make sense to do it that way if possible because the bike has been produced for it's final destination, then there effectively you are just adding a few weeks side tripping into the exisiting process, so the shipping/import etc to your local dealer should be paid for. The cost of the setup time, plates, insurance & cleanup time at the factory prior to boxing for shipping should be the only additional costs on top of the purchase price. When at your local dealer, the paperwork can proceed as if it had arrived unridden.

It's a cool idea but would require the factory to be onboard. Great little side business.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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