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Anybody Ride With Their Dog?

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How do you do it? The bike kennel things I've seen appear to be just a little too small (I have a 30# Aussie Cattle Dog).

I'd be curious to see how everyone does this on their Scramblers.

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I've seen photos of someone on here with a little Pug or French Bulldog on the bike with them, I can't recal who it was though?

My girlfriend has recently shown me a dog specific backpack thing you can buy for taking dogs with you on the bike, think along the lines of those baby slings people use and you're not far off.
Unfortunately our dog ( a pug / Tibetan Terrier cross) is about 3 inches longer than the max size the recommend for the backpacks otherwise I'd have picked one up.
Yeah I saw something like that as well, I think mine may be just a bit big to make something like that comfortable. I was imagining like a tail bag with hard sides she could sit in, and I'd restrain her with a harness of course. For day riding trips I'd like to be able to bring her with me.
What you're describing does exist. Have I seen it specifically on a Duc Scrambler? No...

And don't forget goggles :p
I ordered some goggles already :)
Once I do it, I'll snap some pics and post them up. I found a kennel that has pictures of what looks like a boxer in it, and those are bigger than a ACD so I'm going to give that a try and see how it goes!
Awesome, what bag is that and how much does your dog weigh?
Awesome, what bag is that and how much does your dog weigh?
Here is the bag: Bagster Friendy

My dog, a Maltese, is 5 kg.
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Cool, thanks for the info. My dog is..about 12-13kg I suppose and the bag I'm looking at (Kurykya) is 45L vs the 30L of the Bagster. Might be a tight fit, but it's worth a shot I think.
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