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Anyone see impact point under the fuel tank?

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I have a 2015 and today the tank sprung a leak. I thought it was a loose hose, but to my surprise the tank had a pin hole were it impacted the frame? Both side under the tank were creased? See the picture. Anyone seen this? I'm puzzled how the frame member could touch the tank? Bike has never been down, and the tank has always been on the bike.


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When you removed the charcoal canister, did you (accidentally?) block off the breather hose that ran from the tank to the canister by any chance?
Wait what, you plugged the hose from the tank to the canister? And the canister overflow is open?
Do you really think the tank can have enough vacuum to implode a steel tank? I did remove the charcoal canister, and I did note a strong vacuum when I opened the tank last.
This. Yes, it has.

Asking again just to be sure: what did you do with the vent line form the fuel tank to the carbon canister when you removed it? And with the other two hoses?
There's a tank just like this one on Ebay at the moment....

Buyer beware...
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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