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Just back from a five day Whiz round Dinant.
Great base, stayed at the Ibis all four nights. Plenty of places to eat. Probably go back with Jac (in the car).
20l roll top bag, 5l tank bag and similar sized back pack plenty.
Excellent twisties and long sweepers round the river Meuse. Really got it going after the first day. There were five of us and I was joint fastest.
My FTP handled like a dream (a very exciting fast moving dream). It never let me down. Once the rider in front f.... d up the corner and I had to stand it up. We swapped places after that. Another time I had to flat track round a corner (both left handers).
There were three Tigers, one FJR and my FTP. Guess which bike got all the admirers?
The only negative was that I didn't have anywhere to stuff my helmet and jacket when we stopped for a walk round (and it was fairly hot). IMG-20180831-WA0000.jpg IMG-20180831-WA0000.jpg IMG-20180831-WA0003.jpg
I learnt more about my bike and self, and went increasingly faster round the corners, in these five days than the previous eleven months (on the road).What's more I thoroughly enjoyed the riding.
Good roads to ride, much less traffic, great scenery.


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