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A thousand miles on the bike now and while I do really like it, it's not perfect for me. I commute everyday through LA traffic, year round. I knew that would affect my mileage some but not as much as it's turned out to. I stepped up to the Scrambler from a 2007 Ninja 250. I was getting 60 MPG regularly. In the exact same conditions I now get 37mpg with my Scrambler. I figured I would at least get 45 in the city. So that's disappointing. And even though the engine is much larger and the power is nice for acceleration, I still find myself having to shift constantly to find the right gear for the speed I'm doing in the city. Just as much as my 250 which surprises me. I was also hoping that it'd be a bit better for touring. One of the biggest downfalls of my 250 was that it was exhausting to ride on the highway because the engine was at 11k rpms and it made my whole body go numb. I figured with a much larger engine that would be solved. And while it helps that the revs are lower, the fact that the seat is made of marble, the suspension is just for looks, and the range is only about 120 miles is a big limitation. I could go 280 miles on my Ninja. Crazy. I think winding backroads are really where the Scrambler shines. Unfortunately those are few and far between in Los Angeles. I can take it up to the canyons which is a blast but even then I have to fight either 45 minutes of freeway traffic or and hour across town to the PCH to get there. So I don't know that it's perfect for me. It's only my second bike so honestly I don't have much to compare it to. But I'm curious to see what other bikes would be more suited to the type of riding I do everyday. I guarantee that none of them have the cool factor that my Scrambler does.
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