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Aussies East Coast Meet Up

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I saw the UK Scrambler owners were trying to sort out a meet up and it seemed to generated some interest. So I thought I'd try here in Oz.

I am planning a couple of day trip to Bathurst, NSW later this year and wondered if any locals would be interested in meeting up at either Armidale, Tamworth or Bathurst (or along the way). Timing would be probably just this side of/early Winter - May, June or July.

Any takers?

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Yes Mark, I could be interested in a meet-up of East Coast Scrambler owners sometime later in the year, but definitely not over the Easter holiday period. I just hate riding on heavily policed roads full of holidaymakers - double demerit points also apply in NSW over Easter, so no thank you mate. And as the months you suggest can be very cold in the inland cities mentioned, I believe a far better option would be to hold such a meet-up somewhere warmer on the coast in either northern NSW or SE QLD where we know it is "beautiful one day perfect the next".

BTW, wife and I are off south on a long- weekend ride at the end of next week for a biker group dinner at Gulgong - me on the bagged-up Scrambler and she on her V7 Stone tourer. About a 1500 km round trip, which we are much looking forward to.:)
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