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I'm starting this thread to try and get a data base of Australian suspension options going.

I have a Nitron R1 rear shock on order from ProMecha in Melbourne, I should have it within two weeks and it is costing about $970 delivered in Brisbane. I will post a review and photos when I fit it.

I ordered an Ohlins from Omnia Racing in Italy about three weeks ago, so far I haven't cancelled it nor have I had an update on availability. Not sure what I'll do with this one yet.

Peter from ProMecha in Melbourne can improve the front by updating the internals, new springs to suit my weight/riding style and says he can include a braking anti dive circuit, approximately $570, I have to remove fork legs and post them to Melbourne.

There is a place here in Brisbane, Suspension Improvements in Slacks Creek, he will upgrade the forks damping for $450, the price goes to approximately $700 with springs. Seems very expensive for springs, it wasn't a great conversation, I'm guessing he was busy, he was saying that the springs will be difficult to change and will require a special tool and therefore the expense. I didn't come away with much confidence. He has already done the damping on a Scrambler but no springs as yet.

What are others doing?

Is there a better option I'm missing?
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Smiff - I like what you are doing - bringing and collecting all the info on suspension upgrades that are available in Australia.
I appreciate the info you have made available (Nitron etc).
I am going to have to do something soon because I do not like the harshness of my Scrambler. If I hit a sharp bump (e.g. a tree root under the bitumen) the shock wave up through the bike and my body is like there is no suspension at all. I am not a suspension expert but I would guess its the compression damping - there isn't any - its like a hydraulic lock.
I have some info that you may want to add to your data base.
Shock Treatment -02 4773 9115 - Grant - has been very helpful. He has never seen a Scramblers suspension, but he was very happy when I told him it was KYB Kayaba. He said he can do wonders with KYB. He has had great success with the lousy suspension on the MT 09 and says he can do wonders for ours. He actually used the word "compliant" which of course is a completely foreign word and concept to Ducati. He cuts open the rear shock and does his mods then welds it back up. He modifies the front forks as well. Its amiss of me to not know exactly what he does - cartridges, emulators, just springs and fluid, I don't know - if I go ahead I will get all the facts first. He has said you wont believe the difference. Cost $1200 maximum - I have to post the 3 parts to him. You may want to give him a ring - he is so easy to talk to and a wealth of info.
Once again - thanks for what you are doing.
Let The good Times Roll - Ray.
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I find it a bit concerning to ship suspension bits away as it's essentially like a desktop modification without testing they it's set up right for you. To do something like this I'd rather buy a highly adjustable part and hen fiddle with it
Thanks Ray,

Some good info, I'll give Grant a call, I'm keen to get a few opinions before I spend the money, my forks aren't too bad, probably due to my weight, around 105 kg's in riding gear.

I tend to agree with Feli re sending parts away, my issue is more around transport damage though.


Thanks for the info on Suspension Improvents, l'm going to try him again to see if I can catch him at a better time, I'd much rather get the work done locally, ride in ride out is appealing.

I know a lot of people are happy with the standard suspension and that's great, I also think there are enough people unhappy that the after market companies will do very well.
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Another local mob that might be worth talking to is RAD. I've only ever had fork legs straightened and hard chroming done at their other shop so no experience with their shock redoing.

RAD Motorcycle Shocky Repairs
Been a while since there's been anything to add, now expecting M Shock this week and Nitron next week.

I will update as I can.
Do you still also have the Ohlins on order? Will you try all 3 shocks?
perhaps stupidly, yes

I figure I'll be able to sell them, if the exchange rate works as I'm expecting it may not even cost me much
Keen to hear what works best for you.
I've been holding off on doing anything as the is soo much comment on he and other places, I just wanted to hear what you thought.
Keep us posted
I have now done a bit of riding on the M Shock,

Fitted up as delivered, lifted the rear quite a bit, shock seemed good but the extra height put more pressure on the front. I have been reasonably happy with the front but with the taller rear it felt terrible, particularly over sharp bumps.
So some good some not so good.

That was during the week, I've spent a bit more time riding adjusting and riding some more.
With the height set closer to standard and softening the damping from the delivered setting, it's fantastic, smoother, much easier to ride and confidence inspiring.
The damping adjustment is very effective, you can soften it up like a lounge chair, firm it up for corners and a few more clicks makes it great with the extra weight of a passenger.

All in all a huge improvement. I'm very happy with the investment.

I've got my Andreani cartridges arriving tomorrow, any suggestions on where to get them installed?
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I received my Ohlins shock and Andreani cartridges this week, I ordered through Omnia Racing, they have put a heavier spring on due to the info provided. Standard "off the shelf" is 110nm mine has a 120nm fitted.

I've done nothing but unwrap them so far.

Observations M Shock v Ohlins,

1/ M Shock looks hand built, machine marks in the body and mounts. Ohlins more mass produced smoother more cast looking finish.
Both look great, very well made and presented, neither better than the other, just different.
2/ M Shock adjustability is easier with an external knob, the ohlins requires an allen key.
Small win to m shock.
3/ m shock adjusts compression and rebound with the single adjuster, ohlins only adjusts rebound.
Time will tell if this makes any difference.

I see there is an Ohlins on ebay Aus for $899 plus post. I paid about $750 delivered, this will of course move around with the exchange rate.
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Very interesting mate. Did you find a place to fit the fork cartridges or are you going to have a go yourself?
Tempted to have a go but I'll make some calls today, I expect I will get someone else to do it for me
How much was the m shock landed? Are you happier with it now that you've adjusted it a bit?

Brisbane motorcycles should be able to fit it if all else fails. I asked before and they do that kind of stuff.
m shock was $700
Nitron should arrive this week too, it was $800, local dealer wanted $970

Good thought on Brisbane Motorcycles, I'll call them tomorrow
Are you happier with it now that you've adjusted it a bit?

I missed this question,

Still early days but so far it's very good, it's brilliant compared to the stocker. I need to spend a bit more time playing with ride height and damping to get a better feel for it.
Cool, the M Shock it's definitely my favourite one so far except for the red spring. I like Ohlins as a brand but it seems the model being sold for the Scrambler is quite basic in their line.
Have you read there's another brand in play now called Maxton also doing both front and rear for the scrambler? Do you know much about it?
Well you certainly have a few to choose from.
You will have the best reports for the differences between them all if you end of fitting each one.

I might be in the market for one soon if you are looking to recover some coin, if the specs are close to my requirements!
I have the black spring m shock, same as this one from scramblizer,

You may be right about the ohlins, having said that I expect that it will be significantly better than the stocker and probably more than enough for a lot of us, it looks very nice and it's hard to ignore the Ohlins name tag.

No, I don't know anything about Maxton, up until a couple of months ago I hadn't heard of M Shock (shock factory) or Nitron. I've learnt a lot from this forum


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That looks good with the black spring! Where can I get one from? Are they hard to install?
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