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AVON AV80 Rear

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Well, I got it at a fantastic price. Looking for something that will last more than 5k miles. Not many options for this tire size.

Like anything, the first time is slow. Got my technique down, so the next time won't take so long.

Out for a scrub in (I always wash the tread down with a soapy abrasive pad anyway). Left at 4 way she kicks out pretty good on me, so I proceed with caution for a while. After 80 mi I have pushed the tire pretty hard driving out of corners and everything seems fine. Runs strait and true.

Back at the 4 way I spy some oil splattered around. So, I did an oil test and didn't know it.

Also did a gravel run. Doesn't grab gravel as well as the OEM Pirelli, but plenty good for what I do.

So, we'll see how long it lasts....

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Take care when adding grease in a bearing : each bearing requires a very accurate quantity of grease. If you put too much grease, the bearing may be destroyed by heat.
Or the excess grease will melt and run out all over the brake disc!
Strangely, none of these Avon tyres are available in the UK.
Is there an equivalent to your AV55/56? I can find nothing like them.
Perhaps. I have a Storm 3D XM on the rear and it has a completely different pattern from the AV56. I will be fitting a matching front later this year.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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