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The stupidity of that though is the top 2 slots filled by sports bikes that are basically horrid to ride on the road and as for the H2 - I cannot imagine any bike that is less relevant to biking these days. Riding a bike is so much more than just trying to go as fast as possible - which in any case you simply cannot do on UK roads any more. Those sort of bikes are utterly pointless. Taken me a few years to realise this, but it's true, they really are.

Only in the UK do we still seem to be hanging on to the sports bike obsession and even here their sales are pitiful compared to what they once were. On the continent you see very few fully faired sports bikes these days. The majority are ADV style or simply naked bikes which make so much more sense.

Let's face it, even the Scrambler is fast enough to send you to jail in the UK.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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