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Bike won't start..

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Icon wont start, or even turn over. Ignition and fuel injection comes on, no warning lights on dash. I got it to start by running it down the street and releasing the clutch (bump start). It ran fine, turned it off and then restarted it fine. Then I pulled the key out and now it wont start again. Checked the kickstand bolt and its nice and tight, also the light goes away when the stand is up.

Any ideas? 1850miles and no prior issues.

Thanks in advance!

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Battery volt reading @ 12.7
OK. Its the starter switch. After fiddling with it, I got it to respond.
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Tried to start the bike this morning and nothing. The ignition switch has good voltage to it. Anyone know what kind of issue I am having?
Yeah thanks for the info. I already tried to check that out after doing some research before posting. Bike still wont start.
If the bike is still under warranty call the dealer
It is, I bought the bike in September
Update: Just picked up my bike from the dealer. The button on the starter switch was broken, and was covered under warranty.

On a side note, while the bike was there I had them fit the Termignoni Race Pipe. Holy S***! What a different bike! All throttle jitter is gone, and it sounds fantastic! Absolutely awesome.
hahahahah thanks for the laugh!
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