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Booster Plug - make me an offer!

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    Make me an offer for this Booster Plug!

I've had it on my Scrambler since late 2015 and it really has been a great help to keep a check on that twitchy throttle action. It allows the engine to rev more comfortably in the lower range by tricking the temperature gauge input to the ECU when the throttle is moved.

The only reason I've removed it is that I am about to sell my Scrambler.
I've just checked and they cost about $160/£130 GBP from the site new.

See the photo, I still have it with original packaging and instructions.
Very easy to fit. It works, and I didn't really notice any fuel consumption change.
I'll probably restrict it to offers from the UK as postage abroad will be too expensive to be honest.

I've enjoyed having my Scrambler, in fact I've done 8600miles on it in total in less than 2 years. No problems with it and I'm pleased to have owned one. I need to move on to a bigger tour/adventure bike now as I do tend to do quite long distances.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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