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Brake fluid reservoir cover screw snapped - :(

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Hi all.
I been trying to put bar end weights on my scrambler, the bar end mirrors i had, the metal part that goes inside the handlebars would not come out, so i decided to ram it further down the handlebars. :|
Anyway, this made the screws on the brake fluid reservoir come loose, so i tightened them and BAM the head and about a few mm of the screw broke off.
Now i'm screwed. I have no idea how to get the broke screw out of i can then i have to find a replacement scew?! help, im a bike :(
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M6X1 20mm torqued to 10 NM

I think the original cap heads are 20mm long, but both sides will take a 25mm long screw.

If the screw has broken inside the reservoir housing you have a delicate surgery task in front of you, easy-out, or maybe even very small drill then easy-out.

Hopefully there is a wee bit of the screw protruding from the reservoir housing and you can grab it with a set of multi-grips.
Oh, it is the cover screws, I misunderstood and thought it was the reservoir to handlebar screws that broke.

Those little screws for the cover are smaller, about 4 mm x 10 mm I think, but can't find a specification on them so the other one as a sample might be the way to go.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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