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Brake Lever Travel

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Has anyone experienced the brake lever occasionally touch the grip before becoming effective. I even had one instance of it pulling right in and still being able to roll the 'bike. All of these have occurred when stationary. Fluid is full. No sponginess and just had first service, although it hadn't done it prior to this.
Taking it back to service but would like to know if it may be a fault?
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I know, but there isn't. There's no spongy feeling when the lever is pulled and it's mostly OK. It actually feels like the fluid is getting past the piston in the master cylinder when it does happen but you would expect it to be every time, not once every so often. If I find anything when it goes in, I'll post it for general info. Thanks for getting back.
I suppose it could also be a problem with ABS? Keep us posted on what the dealer finds.
I suppose it could also be a problem with ABS? Keep us posted on what the dealer finds.
Actually, that was going through my mind, as it only happens with the engine running (or at least that's what I have realised). I guess I don't want to be the harbinger of a recall but there you go!
I know that upon start up, the bike has to roll a few feet before the ABS does it's thing and the light goes off. Good luck Agent Orange, please let us know how it goes.

Wonder if there's a way to bleed the ABS unit?
My other bike has an ABS bleed procedure which you do after a normal bleed.

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I experienced the same thing recently. Not sure but is seemed to be worst on colder morning. I changed the fluid and seems to be better but its also been warmer since so not sure what was the root cause. I also have after market levers and speculated that the way I had them adjusted was not allowing the piston to return all the way so I made some changes there as well.
sounds scary! Hope you get it sorted. Interested in what might be the cause.
I had this problem ,rang dealer to get booked in.Service was busy and didn't return my call .i took the top off of the reservoir on the bars and refitted problem solved ,reckon airlock no further problems.
Took the 'bike to the dealer and it turned out to be the master cylinder. They ordered a new one and fitted it...Voila!
I was so pleased, I bought the accessory reservoir cap to suit.
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What number have you go the brake adjuster at?
4 - and I'd like it closer still. I'm also going to change the clutch lever for an aftermarket adjustable one as I find the reach a bit far, and I don't have small hands.
You're absolutely right with the clutch side it's miles away. I found the brake lever having four adjustments I was able to find a good fit. However the quality of the levers are not particularly high , and could do with changing. Just not sure which brand or type to go for .
Try Passo levers,
I've fitted them on all of my bikes and quite afew customer bikes as well with no complaints, mind I'm not a fan of their shorty levers.

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