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This is a brand new OEM tank, fender and tail. The parts were only taken out of the packaging for photos. This color and type of tank originally came on the Sixty2 version from a couple years ago. A couple models in the 800 range have "no panel" tanks as well, I believe.

If you’ll notice, there are no tank panels - the sides are smooth. This gives you a little bit more fuel capacity and, to me, gives the tank a cleaner look. I bought this tank for those reasons as well as the fact that I wanted a black Scrambler.

Unfortunately for me, I have a 2019 Scrambler with a fuel gauge and this tank does not have a cutout to accommodate that component. That means the tank will work on Scramblers from 2018 or earlier OR any year if you don’t want or need the fuel gauge. I’m not sure how this will affect the signal to the dash though.

$1500 shipped for the set. Make me an offer!


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