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Brembo 15 RCS Brake

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Who here has swapped the stock front brake for a brembo 15 RCS?

How much better feel on the 18 setting?
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Seems a bit overkill for the Scrambler. Be interested to know the benefits from someone who fitted one.
Overkill, Maybe so? but I like the shorty levers and cover with one finger. The "feel" the factory unit provides is marginal imo.
I'm very particular about brake feel/feedback as I don't rely on ABS
There is also an option from Magura you can check.

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What's the difference in the setting for 18 or 20?
The 18 setting provides better feel/feedback where 20 allows one-finger braking, very immediate, touchy, stoppie inducing
Thanks. I have the RCS15 installed. To be honest, I don't really know if there is a significant improvement from stock. All I know is my Stock OEM master cylinder started to leak causing spongy braking and Ducati did not warranty it for me.. So instead of purchasing a new OEM master cylinder I opted to buy the RCS15 based on the recommendation of a friend. I'm only using the 18 setting because that was factory set. I'm afraid to try 20.

I also replaced the clutch lever to a TWM clutch lever set just to match the Brembo RCS15.
Are you using one or two fingers for "typical"
street commuting/touring braking?
(...assuming MT-60's?)

and how big are your fingers...bananna, snowcrab claw, etc? ;)
Yes. I use two finger braking. It's just a habit I have. I tried 1 finger braking with my RCS and do not feel I have enough control with one finger however I was able to practice activating ABS to a controlled stop successfully.

I wear a size large in Dainese gloves. I'm neither crab or banana handed. I'm technically above average height Asian with medium build who wears size large or XL for comfort rather than slim fit. I do believe I have the strongest of hands. I'm a white collar worker and don't really go to the gym anymore. My hand strength only comes from riding my motorcycles as a daily commuter.

With the left hand (clutch) on the Scrambler I tend to use 3 or 4 fingers to pull it in because I find my hands get tired too fast if I try only using 2 fingers.
You might try switching to the 20mm ratio and trying one finger...and one finger only! ;)
I intend to try both and see if the 20 setting tolerates a ham-handed two finger grab without throwing me over bars!

Did you replace the full brake line (from RCS to caliper) or did you keep the factory line?
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