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Broke down!

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Good bye
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Still chuffing here!
Think it needs a spark to ignite it, mine had been in at Ducati 14 miles ago for some warranty work on the air box cover but unsure if they removed the tank!
I believe it's the quick fit fuel pipe that fails but they will let me know tomorrow as Ducati actually forgot to pick my bike up today!! Not good after it took nearly 4 hours to get home last night, a full 3 hours waiting time and then nearly 30 mins at both ends to build the trailer (like a meccano set) and get the bike on and off the trailer.
New fuel pump needed!!! A clip had failed but you have to buy the whole system, what would of happened after my warranty? Big bill! I'm having doubts about the quality of these bikes, maybe triumph can do a me a good deal.
Ducati said they will take a pump off a new bike in the showroom as it would take a while to get the part which was very good service. Let's see how see runs when she gets back as missing her already! (Maybe I won't go to Triumph )
:nightmare: OMG. That sounds frightening. Hope it all gets sorted!
It all happened too quickly to be scared but it could of ended badly as my leg was covered in fuel! In fact I'm probably more scared now as this will be at the back of my mind on every ride also the wife is refusing to go on the back again as to what could of happened.
Hi Sarah,

I'm hopefully picking the bike up today so I'll try and get a bit more info.

1 - 8 of 12 Posts
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