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My friend Jack is headed to New York for a year or so, and after riding his GT mainly in London and the south east we promised ourselves a road trip.

A last minute check on the weather on Friday showed 28c all weekend in the Eifel region, Germany

Scrambler and GT1000 squeezed into the Vito by 7pm and then we’re off ! …to the fish and chip shop , well we’re not travelling hungry !

Sharing the drive we made it to a misty view on the Moesel near Trier before breakfast.

Bikes unloaded and sun breaking through we followed the river north in direction of Nurburg.

After half an hour of twisty roads accompanied by picturesque vineyards on the Moesel we stop for coffee. Jack’s grinning and proclaims the roads the best he’s enjoyed ever.

But this was only the start , as the roads all around the Nurburg area are fantastic. Great surface and rolling well sighted sweeping curves in abundance.

The Scrambler proved ideal on the twisty roads with light handling and enough power to be entertaining. A 40minute run on the autobahn at lets say brisk speed, at the end of the day confirmed that this is not ideal for the Scrambler. However it suited our needs to cover ground as light was fading.

If you haven’t already made it to the Nurburgring make it a must for 2016 ! Even if you don't ride the Nordschleife the roads and scenery made a great change and a treat from London and busy south east.

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