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Cafe Scrambler Build idea?

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I ran across this image on facebook and thought it was one worth sharing. An idea of a cafe style Scrambler.

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I like it, I am planning on making my SR 400 into a cafe bike, I really need to get rid of some of the chrome on it but I think I will not make the scrambler one, I like it the way it looks maybe just some upgrades on things.
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car

This is a Scrambler Icon Ducati Red customized with Scrambler accessories: high-slung Termignoni exhaust, Full Throttle seat, spoked wheels and high-plate order.
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Nice but I do not like that the full throttle seat is silk-screened with that yellow , I prefer the other seats but still looks good!
It looks like the high pipe option would limit luggage options. It also has a long, under carriage, header pipe (probably not a lot of room to do other than this). It does not offer any advantage over the stock pipe that I can see. I really like the high plate option and would get one for certain. I agree with Motomom that the Full Throttle seat with the yellow does not fit with the color scheme of the Icon. An all black option would be preferable.
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High pipes would burn your leg.
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