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Can't Stop Modding

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I haven't owned a bike in 25 years and I'm having a blast with my new Classic. Having had all off road bikes, you get used to doing your own wrenching. I forgot how much I enjoyed that part of it. I added a Hepco & Becker tail rack this week which my girlfriend likes because she's afraid of sliding off the back.
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The one thing I don't care for is that grey anodized aluminum they use. The stock exhaust looks so much like a hand made racing exhaust and the heat shield looks out of place to me so now it's black. Eventually I will get the fenders painted to match the tank.

I'm curious as to how many people do their own work. I've seen some great fabricating and modifications here but also a lot of people seem to have the dealer do it all. Can we get a show of hands?
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I'm also a self modder, due to pleasure not cost reasons. I like the satisfaction of creating a look and feel that is unique. I've had my UE since Jan and have put on 800 cold miles and lots of mods.

Just looking at your bike, one thing you should consider it taking a hair dryer and carefully peeling off the frame stickers. I typically reapply mine under the seat.
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