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To complement the Carbon Fiber fuel tank panels I installed just last week I have also installed a Carbon Fiber fender (motocomposites.com) to replace the bulkier stock fender. I went with matte twill on both the fenders and fuel tank panels and am overall really happy with it. Word of note when unbolting the front fender - my bolts were super easy to strip so make sure you have the right sized allen head and just take you time with it.

The other hard part about this swap is changing over the rubber grommets onto the carbon fiber fender. Taking each out of the original fender and putting them onto the carbon fiber fender took about 15 minutes - have a set of pliers around when doing this part so its easier to squeeze the rubber parts out of and into the holes.

After that it's just a matter of getting it back installed on the bike. Overall the process took about an hour and I am super happy with the new look!



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