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Chain tensioning made easy

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anyone had any experience with this?
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My mate bought one, he hasn't used it yet :rolleyes: just another thing to waste his money on IMHO, :D

Just do it like it says in the manual, works for me, ;)
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I would say : useless.

Chain tensioning doesn't need such a precision. If you set it to 30 mm instead of 35 mm, your bike won't stop for that...

On our bikes, the chains doesn't get worn in few kilometers, so you don't need to set up its tension every day. My bike has got approx. 6000 km and I've set up the chain tension, only once.
Waste of money, just go to the dealer every 5000km or so, more than that should not be needed.
Like Elvisto says, just do it like the owners manual describes a couple of times and you'll be an experienced chain adjuster,

do it a couple more times and you'll be an expert,,, :cool:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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