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Clutch slipping at 7K rpm

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Yes, it's slipping for sure. Every time I get in the neighborhood of 7,000 on the tach, regardless of gear. RPMs surge, no increase in speed. Once it drops back down to 6,000 or so, it catches.

There is a post on the "other" forum with the exact same issue. One reply stated that if the bike has no performance mods (my case), adjusting the clutch cable via the adjuster under the RH side of the fuel tank should cure the problem.

Can anyone confirm this? I sure hope it's that simple. Also, is it correct that the cable should be loosened a few turns (vice tightened)?
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The shop manual specifies 2-3 mm of free play at the lever.

Tony - any pointers for a newb to this adjustment? Never had this issue on any of my other bikes. I did read in the manual to do it on a cold engine with the handlebars turned all the way to the right, so I'll make a point of doing that.
Great, thanks. It'll be nice to have that stupid grin on my face the whole way through the rev range again.
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