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I finally got to work today on some custom bits for my Classic and got to a pretty serviceable prototype for the coil covers (or triangle body panels, or whatever they are called). I think it will definitely work as a base template for future designs.

First few pics are plywood parts that I used to figure out dimensions and fitting. The last two are of a working proto made out of noryl, which we happen to have kicking around because we use it for the handle scales on our FROST firefighting axes.

Still to come for this one:
ss button head screws (instead of cap screws)
proper stand offs
brushed metal backing
contouring to taper the plane of the grill (maybe?)
chamfering the outside edge to match the frame contour

Then I will move onto the rear side body panel.

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I screwed up and ordered the wrong size screws and thus also the wrong sized counter bore, so I've made no progress on the coil covers. Hopefully next week.

In the mean time I've been working on a replacement tail tidy for the Classic. This isn't completely finished but I should have a v1 in the next week or so. In particular I'm adding a third screw to mount the fin plate holder to the fender so it will snug up the leading end.

Let me know what you think!

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