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Collected my FT today

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Picked up my Full Throttle today, was warned about the snatchy throttle but worse than I expected, but I'll get used to that, need to get some new boots as the ones I have are really deeptoes, was changing gear with the edge of the sole. Now to start looking at mods, been on the Rizoma site and saw some bits, any site suggestions to look at ?
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Congrats, Chgraham. What would you like to address first? Pegs and grips were at the top of my list.

Hi Sarah
Definitely grips, only clocked 15 miles yesterday and kept thinking how uncomfortable they were, not sure about pegs, need to try different footwear out, my normal biking boots have deep toes. Then LED indicators. Will wait to see if the saddle beds in.
Had a Buell Ully a few years ago, really enjoyed it. Hope when I get used to the FT it will be as much fun
I like the Oury Road grips, and the Pro Grip 714; just pick your favorite 7/8" grip and slap them on there, the bar ends are just light plastic and nothing to worry with. You'll find a big improvement with cheap grip puppies while you decide. You might put your location in your profile if you don't mind, that'll help us make shopping suggestions.

Thanks Sarah
Just been out for an hour, still getting used to it but clocked 45 miles mostly back roads, grips are a definite, backside was getting uncomfortable so I came home.
Just got back yesterday morning from a 2300 mile trip into Europe, France , Belgium and Holland

You very well might have to do something about the seat, many of us have. Some pretty good reading:

Full Throttle seat options

Pain In The Arse....

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