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Confused about the zard zuma exhaust

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hi everyone
I posted about my exhaust header turned grey and white before.
Now I m finding the way out according to you guys' recommendations
I want to change a zard zuma exhaust and send the pipe to them to do ceramic coating
But I am confused about their website options.
As u can see the attached picture of their website, the questions are:
1. Homologated .. if I put a tick on it, is that mean it will come with a catalyzer which ties in the law?
2. Black coating on oringinal headers... means that I will have to send them my pipe to them for doing ceramic coating?
3. What's the black decatalyzer link pipe? Do I need to put a tick on it if I am not going to get "homologated"?
Apart from that, step out of the law, what's the difference on sound and performance or anything between having a catalyzer and a decataylzer exhaust?
Anyone sent the header to them to do ceramic coating? How's the work out? I really don't want my pipe turns grey and white again:apologetic:
Also, if anyone of you installed this exhaust. Would you mind to tell me more about the performance without remapping? Or it's a must to do remap?


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Or put more simply.

1. The man's choice.
2. The p*ssys choice.
3. The I can't make my mind up choice.
Do you still stick to your opinion?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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