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Continental Twinduro TKC80 Dual Sport Tires Information

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There are a few threads that include information on the TKC 80, but none directly address the fitment and considerations for the tire, specifically for the front wheel. I thought I would add what I have been able to find out.

The wheel dimensions are:

Front Size: MT 3.00 x 18”

Rear Size: MT 5.50 x 17”

Stock tire sizes are:

Front Tubeless, radial tire. Size: 110/80-R18

Rear Tubeless, radial tire. Size: 180/55-R17

Rear wheel is made and easily sourced. TKC80 180/55-R17. Amazon, Revzilla and others have it in stock and is priced between $160 and $200.

Several builds have fitted the tire with no issues of clearance. Reports of ride quality have been good.

Sourcing for the front however is not so easy.

First point of note: while Continental does indeed make the 110 80 18, it is a rear profile, not a front profile tire. The front profile tires are more rounded, the rear profiles are a bit flatter on center.

Second note: while they do have the size on their price sheet, as of 3/6/17, no distributor has ordered the tire. This is why parts suppliers like Amazon and Revzilla do not have the size offered.

The Continental rep I spoke with suggested the 4.00 18. He referenced other Scrambler owners who have used this size on the front.

In MadMax's buildHe uses the 120 90 18. Reference Mad Max Cafe Racer FT with TKC80 Tires

Hedonism notes: Conti tkc80, the tire's speed code Q (99 mph) vs the stock Pirelli of H (130 mph). I know none of you speed, let alone hit 100+ but in case you dotake it to a track....

I also noticed a 3.5 18 version of the tire, which may offer a narrower profile for the front than the 120 or 4.0


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Awesome summary, thanks much. Planning on these for my next set, so super useful.
Im in the market for some TKC80's myself esp. after getting a nail in the rear tire. Might as well order new meat right? So what size should I order for the front?
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