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Levers has come up recently and I will for the first time share my source.

tophome.global | eBay Stores [db-12 (brake) D-82 (clutch) combo for 62]

The pictures will not match, but as long as you are clear about what you order, you will get it.

They have all sorts of combinations you can order up. If you don't see it, just ask. Shipping was fast, usually 10 days and by DHL. I ordered large lots and had no problems and I also ordered up singles and had no issues. I developed a good relationship with them.

WARNING, when removing brake lever, there are little bits that will fall out and disappear, so be very careful, have a clean floor so you can find the parts as they bounce. They are small.

So as far as fading, yes, they will fade over time, but no worse than any other anodized aluminum I have purchased. I have protaper bars that are fading worse.


The levers on my Terra have been on for over 5 years and show some fading. The black is turning brown. The protaper bars are not as old and fading faster.
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