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Custom Rumble Finalists Announced

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Here you are the 5 custom rumble finalists from all over the world, one per each continent. These customizations will compete for the best Scrambler special:

the winner will be proclaimed by a jury of experts during the World Ducati Week 2016 @Misano world circuit, Italy, July 1-3.
Stay tuned!

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Automotive design
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Enduro
Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Motor vehicle
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Ice track pro all the way, don't think the others should be in the top 5 apart from the scrambobber.
Iron Lung all day! Custom exhaust and everything.
Ice Trank Pro, its the only one that looks remotely rideable, the rest all look shit.
It occurs to me there is definitely a market out there for custom side panel wraps. . I know i would shell out a few bucks for a wrap like that one on the Iron Lung.
Not much for the red racer , but the others look ok, :) love the gold wheels though :cool: one day soon :rolleyes:
Ice Track Pro is [email protected]@D @SS! And it's from Canada to boot!
Admittedly some of the others have more customized work put into them but there's something about it.

Scrambobber would be my second.

Iron lung is too steam punk for me but I like those tires!
For me Scrambobber is the best. Iron Lungs is second due to originality.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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