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I haven't been here in a while but thought I'd post an update. I've added a few new goodies to my Icon. We've now got almost 11,000 miles on in one year and made some fun changes. Danmoto, GP Extreme exhaust was major!! Dirt cheap and HUGE power gain. I'm in love with the bike all over again. I also added a Dart Fly screen and a DM Telai tail rack. The fly screen is a Godsend when you tuck in behind it on the open highway. The rack allows much better luggage setup. And obviously I switched out to the Full Throttle seat. I couldn't have the color difference so I had a local auto upholstery shop switch out the yellow panels to match the Icon yellow. I had also changed the levers to adjustable shorties too, but I think I covered that last year on here when I changed out my bars, grips, and mirrors.
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