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Deposit down for the Classic

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Hi All,

I'm new to the forum.

I had a go of the 62 today at the dealers, out for a couple of hours absolutely loved it but thought it lacked a bit of power i'm quite a large(wide) guy 5'10 250lb so maybe that could have been an issue :)

Anyway put the deposit down on a classic and pick it up on the 27th. I'm now having a few reservations after reading the twitchiness of the throttle in quite a few of the threads. I passed my test a few months ago on a Gladius with similar power and found it ok to control. I have rode quite a few torquey supermoto 125's over a few years And got used to the twitchiness on some of these. Am I right to feel a bit nervous about this purchase?
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I am exactly your height and weight, my problem was the suspension and seat.. the soft part of the suspension was used up just by sitting down. The seat, at least on the Icon, forced me into an akward position and the foam compresses easily. If you have broad shoulders the mirrors are next to useless as you have to contort your torso to see behind you.

So, make sure you have additional cash for mods. I have bought new damper, forks, seat and mirrors. The twitchiness can be fixed with a G2 Throttle Tamer.
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