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Deposit down for the Classic

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Hi All,

I'm new to the forum.

I had a go of the 62 today at the dealers, out for a couple of hours absolutely loved it but thought it lacked a bit of power i'm quite a large(wide) guy 5'10 250lb so maybe that could have been an issue :)

Anyway put the deposit down on a classic and pick it up on the 27th. I'm now having a few reservations after reading the twitchiness of the throttle in quite a few of the threads. I passed my test a few months ago on a Gladius with similar power and found it ok to control. I have rode quite a few torquey supermoto 125's over a few years And got used to the twitchiness on some of these. Am I right to feel a bit nervous about this purchase?
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Thanks everyone just what I was hoping to hear.

I feel much better now and can start to get excited about this lovely bike :) I plan on keeping this a very long time.
Yes I always stick to services.

Thanks for the tip on the ACF 50 will get some ordered.
Much Appreciated.
The suspension seemed fine to be fair. I don't know how the classic seat compares to the 62 but found it extremely comfortable even after a good couple of hours, the thing i'm riding before the px is like sitting on an ironing board so felt spoilt yesterday.

I agree regarding the mirrors were pretty useless with my aircraft landing strip shoulders. Will probably purchase something to counter that.
Well picked up today, I rode it for 1 hour then went for lunch and all its done is damn rain for the last 7 hours, waiting to take it out again :(
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