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Does anyone know if the DS (and 62) turn signals are in the same location as on the Icon, FT, CR, etc...? From all the diagrams and pictures, it looks like the signals are in the same spot across all the models, just some models have fenders while others don't.

Reason I am asking is I like to 3D model, and print, stuff in my free time as one of my hobbies. I made a fender eliminator for all the bikes in the Scrambler line that have the tire hugger. Since the DS and 62 have a metal bracket that holds the plate over the rear tire, and since the signals are mounted to this, I cannot design anything for these models.

Basically, what I'm asking is if the stock turn signal bracket (circled in red in the attached image) from the other models, when mounted to the DS, would the turn signals still be in the same location in regards to the cutouts on the rear fender? The signals are the same across all the models, so if the bracket from the Icon or CR will fit, I can design the bracket off of the one on my CR and voila!

PS : If anyone is willing to take some measurements for me, that would be great!


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