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diabolical running ---PART2

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Hello fellow readers and sufferers of ducati scrambler foibles
After much discussion both on this forum and with other people and also trying to resolve engine running difficulties myself by the employment of 3rd parties .I reluctantly had the Ducati Scrambler uplifted and taken back to my Ducati main dealer in Leeds .
I was asked by the service department to list the Scramblers problems ,so as to help the mechanic to locate and rectify all faults .
I sent this list by email and ALSO printed the list ,which I gave to the collection van driver . Plus the telephone numbers of senior service department personnel at 2 other DUCATI dealers, who were available to assist if needed .( priceless )
The bike was taken in on the 11-10-2016 after much phoning and asking WHEN will you have bike ready ,I collected today 22-10-2016. I collected because the dealer did not have time to deliver until the 26-10-2016.
The journey took me 1 1/2hrs via 3 buses.
On arrival at the dealers I made cordial greetings to the relevant staff ( I have been a purchaser of 7 bikes since 2003)..
At reception I was told ` this is your report and these are your keys and your bike is outside ,bye,.
I was momentarily overcome with the affection and care shown ( HARDLY).
I went to the bike taking with me my FREE COFFEE AND SEASONAL MINCE PIE .
I consumed my repasts while surveying the bike ,the bike had been cleaned ,a new throttle had been handlebar throttle assembly had been fitted ( the original one had been smashed by the dealer during initial purchase delivery . There was a bolt missing from the leading edge of petrol tank which secures to frame aand a rubber grommet missing from the plastic tank nose shroud .
I set off home ,the sun was shining ,the bike had been inspected and checked by Ducati's finest over the last 11days ,therefore the ride should be faultless .
OH NO it was not ,within 1 mile I realised the exercise had been pointless ,the bike STILL snatched and surged, at this point while trying to negotiate a blocked STANNINGLEY BY PASS I became rather morose ,I did not feel `pissed off` more `CHEATED` BY PEOPLE I TRUSTED .( try to avoid these experiences people if you can ).
I eventually arrived home after weaving most rat runs and side roads I know getting out of Leeds .

I doubt that the bike has had no more work done than a diagnostic check ,I also doubt that the airbox has been removed to check the stepper throttle or potentiometer ,I doubt whether ANY electrical connection has been double checked .

I now propose to have the bike put on a dynometer , which should highlight the faulty areas .

I also know that you people out there have faultless Scramblers .

Your comments PLEASE .

TRACTOR BOY.:ambivalence::clock:
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Hate to hear this. What did they document on the report?

Only had good experiences with Ducati Leeds, they have (jane mainly) been really helpful on any issues I've had, I will continue to use them unless their service level drops. I've had a few ducati's over the years and the scrambler is the smoothest of them all so something must be wrong, my old s2r 1000 in the lower rev range was like a rodeo horse compared.
Hello Armo , I took the bike for a `long ` ride to SEAWAY`S cafe at Fridaythorpe . As expected the bike ran like a 2 legged greyhound . I had been holding the bars so tightly I began to suffer `arm pump` ,I therefore stopped for a rest at TOWTON ( battlefield ,wars of the roses ).
I had decided to take the A64 so as to stay in high gear for a few miles and play with different rev ranges .
Still there was no change ,the bike surged all the way .
The traffic from Stamford bridge was heavy and I got a plain sports bike following me ,so I had to be wary of my behaviour ( it may have been the fuzz).
Approaching Garowby Hill there was an articulated lorry ( semi) ahead followed by 10 cars and me + following sports bike , the lorry changed down into crawler gear ( 1st )which impacted on the rest of us , after the 1st uphill bend I saw my pre planned move open up and I was off ( like a rat up an Armley drain pipe ), I passed the cars in 2 moves ,such acceleration , my ST4s would not do better , I cleared the top of Garowby at 70 mph , with such exhilaration I could not realy believe it .
The bike had woken up , I thoroughly enjoyed the next 1 mile and then the bike reverted BACK to previous surging mode .
I arrived at the cafe ,which was pleasantly full of other bikers despite the cold weather .

I sat down and ordered breakfast while dispatching a stormy email to my Dealer .

After a good natter with other fellow bikers ,all strangers , ( it is what we do is it not ) I set off home ,and decided to go via WETWANG, to Fimber and onto Pocklington .
To try and enjoy my ride home thereby avoiding the poor behaviour ,I adopted different riding techniques ,instead of keeping the throttle open I started to roll the throttle on and off ,in so doing the rev range was constantly changing ,AND IT WORKED ,I arrived home a nearly happy person .
I did have to fill up again though at Shell ,Aberford road Oulton ( 1 full tank to friday thorpe and back WOW)
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Hate to hear this. What did they document on the report?

Hello Sarah , I feel `less` at a lose when people answer my comments .
I was quite supprised with the `paper work` that was left for me by the service department .
This only consisted of a STEPPER MOTOR read out graph ( one piece) annd a copy of the diagnostic equipment specification numbers .
the bikes only full diagnostic test was done on thhe day of arrival 11-10-16 and the STEPPER MOTOR test was logged 22-10-16.
I have just sent a reply to ARMO ,PLEASE READ .
Thank you ,tractorboy .
I'm confused.

Why after 3 buses and a 1 1/2 hour journey to collect your 'Fixed' bike did you not immediately turn around after that 1 single mile and return the 'not fixed' bike back to the dealer?

Surely it would make more sense to do that rather than continuing to ride it??
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