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To well begin 2016, here is a small DIY, where I explain how to remove the heat protection on the exhaust if, like me, you find it too large...

You just need to replace the aluminium part of the heat protection by a smaller part that will disappear behind the black plastic cover.

I made this new part from an aluminium stick : length = 16 cm, width = 3.5 cm, thickness = 2 mm. You have to drill four 7 mm diameter holes. The 2 central holes centers are 8 cm from each other and are centered on the stick. The 2 external holes centers are 1 cm from the edge. You must get the nuts from the old protection and put them on the external holes.

The stick must be a little bent to fit perfectly the exhaust and hold the plastic cover.

The new part :

The plastic cover, without the aluminium protection part :
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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