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Hi Folks,

I recently bought a used Desert Sled and found that the clear plastic front of the instrument panel was cracked all around the edge. This presented an annoying problem of water intrusion into the electronics. Since repairing or even buying the clear component was not available at the dealer I am documenting my DIY repair for everyone. Also replacement costs a ridiculous (~$1200). Enjoy and please comment.

1. Remove instrument panel
2. Disassemble instrument panel. Note there are 8 screws on the backside of the unit and the smaller ones hold the aluminum bezel ring on.
3. Carefully remove the damaged front clear plastic. I used a flat head driver to break off all the small shards of the old plastic. Make sure you do this on a soft non-abrasive surface.
4. Buy a 1.5mm thick 95mm diameter piece of acrylic. I found some on amazon. I have some extra if you PM me.
5. I used a very small amount of super glue to tack the acrylic sheet in place on the aluminum bezel ring. I will be sealing the acrylic to the base with some water tight glue later. If you try to use a lot of superglue it will damage the acrylic.
6. Reassemble




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