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Great walkthrough post. Was able to complete my first DIY oil change thanks to the post and a YouTube walkthrough as my secondary reference. I did run into few problems but at the end was mission accomplished. Here are my thoughts after this experience:
  • Filter mesh refused to come out. Did anyone run into that problem? I didn't want to damage the mesh so I left it as is. Since the mesh doesn't need to be cleaned every time, I will have the shop take a look at my next oil change.

  • The disassemble and assemble exhaust pipes part took half the time of the entire oil change. This wasn't mentioned here or other resources I found, putting the exhaust pipes back was quite difficult in my case. I had such a hard time attaching one of the springs back I eventually gave up. Again, going to ask the guys at the shop do it for me on my next visit.

  • I don't want to have to deal with removing and putting back the exhaust pipes but I like working on my bike. I will continue doing my own oil change minus the filter mesh part. So every now and then I will need to pay the shop a visit for a proper oil change.
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