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great feeling while riding on a nice road with a great scenery.
tomorrow I will ride with couple of friends at least 140 miles:)

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I´m riding bike since some time, but the pure feeling and thrill from the beginning was long gone.
My first bike was a Honda XL500R, and man, what did I as a 18yo love that bike!
I was riding every free minute, on and off rhe road, over 40.000 miles in the first two years.
I was still a pupil back there, money was short, and I had to decide between a car or a bike.
For the horror of my parents I chose the bike.
Back there, always the way was the goal, it wasn´t important to get somewhere, just to be on the way.
And sometimes I really felt once with the bike, as one unit.

Bikes of today, with different mappings, ABS on or of, traction control - technical close to perfect, but you don´t feel the road anymore.
I wasn´t excited anymore when I was going to take a ride, wasn´t really happy before I was going to make a tour.

I didn´t know that I was missing that, until the Scramblers crossed my way.
The Scramblers gave this feeling of just pure riding a bit back to me.

You hear and feel the engine, not such a perfect jap kind of electric engine which has no vibes and highs or lows in performance.
I like the optic of course, the low balance point and the good handling, which makes it really a joy to go around corners.

I begin to look out for some spare time in my daily routine to drive some miles.
I realize myself smiling when I walk to the garage and grab my helmet, which I didn´t for a looong time.

Somehow the Scrambler reminds me to the times, back there in 1986, when I was riding my Honda the first year, and that makes me happy.
The Scrambler is not only a bike or a machine for me, I´m feeling somehow connected to it, it touches me in a way which my last bikes didn´t and which I had forgotten.
Thanks to Ducati.
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