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Hello guys!
I have 2 questions and they have to do with wiring, hopefully you will be able to educate me as I am a newbie.

1. Bought an after market set of turn signals with 3 wires (1 is for DRL at front AND STOP at tail). I am planning on using a posi tap to connect to the OEM turn signal wires but then I will have the 1 wire left to connect. In the back I can find the tail light for that, but I in the front I have an issue with the DRL. My idea was to actually use a posi tab also to run the DRL wire to the DRL from the headlight (which I dont know which one it is either, so that's a question in itself), but then they will turn off if I use the actual light at night in think (??) and I would like for them to stay on as long as I am riding. Suggestions, ideas, tips?

2. I bought some LED spotlights (1.5 amp) also that I would like to run at night and I was planning on using an AMPLINK or something like that, so I could eventually add all the other stuff in there as well. What I would like to achieve though was to be able to run those lights as DRLs (less intensity) and with a switch being able to run them fully on at night. Is that doable? If so, I would take suggestions.
Thank you!
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