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Dropped the baffle cap screw inside Termigoni exhaust. Help!

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Bike came delivered with the baffle removed from the Termini race exhaust. Its a bit loud in our garage so thought I'd see how loud it is with the baffle/DB killer fitted. Managed to get the baffle in a position where it looked like the cap screw/securing screw hole lined up. Went to screw the carp screw in and hadn't quite managed to line up the holes so it wouldn't go it.

Upon trying to remove the screw from the little access hole it fell inside the can. To me, it looks like the only way to recover the screw is to remove the can and tip it upside down. Looks like its just a case of remove 1 mounting bolt holding the can onto the swingarm and a spring clamp from can to exhaust pipe. Removing these should allow me to remove the can won't it?

Has any one else been daft enough to have this issue and have a simpler solution since I don't have grips to remove the spring?

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When mounting my Hepco & Becker rear rack I had to take off the rear fender. Two of the screws have plastic washers. While reinstalling the fender I dropped the screw and washer. I looked everywhere for the plastic washer but could not find it. I even used a flashlight but no luck. As it was a Sunday I made a plastic washer out of a Rubbermaid sandwich container that was about the same thickness. (Drill a hole the same screw size. Then place the other washer on the hole and trace the outer edge with a pen. Cut the outer edge with shears. New washer! Advantage is the screw fits on tight and will not fall off.)

Anyway, I got the rack and rear bag mounted and I took the bike off the stand. Once the rear wheel hit the ground so did the missing washer. Go figure. It is now in my Ducati spare parts bin.

Buy the flexi magnet that scowa18 suggested as they are very handy. Although the final solution will probably be take the can off and shake it out.
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