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Dry clutch on a scrambler

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I m interested to mod my scrambler to dry clutch .
Can any one tell me , the following parts to buy.
Possibilty on ebay for second as well?
Thanks everyone
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The "subject" won't last long....

Some aftermarket vendor would have to come out with a "dry clutch kit", made especially for this bike - it would be VERY involved, in terms of what would need to be modified.

Extremely unlikely - to say the least.
But I thought the Scrambler CAME with a slipper clutch... :confused2:
It does... but doesn't perform as well as the aftermarket unit he is talking about.
The Scrambler has a different clutch...

Not to start a "flame war" or anything - but anyone who dumps 2 grand into a clutch for a Scrambler needs their head examined.
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Tony, It's all good. No war going on here. I actually think it's over 3K depending on which slipper, master cylinder and slave that is being used for the Mod. ( Luckily, I have a lot of spare race parts laying around and the wife doesn't need to know about the rest!) I wouldn't do this with all new parts from Ducati. I think that it's worth waiting for STM to come out with a wet slipper for this bike.
I hear you Ken...

I had to do a little clutch "modification" recently. I have been successful in upping the peak HP quite a bit from stock, and had to "rough" the plates up a bit to stop it from slipping at high RPM's.

But, $2-3K... Nope, not for this bike.
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