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Hey guys, I have been owning the DS for 2 months with a few thousand kms on it. Since the first month of ownership, I bought a Leovince GP Style used from a private seller which he used for his old FT, but run into some difficulties with the mounting position.
I did try to mount it on last time with outside position to the right of the swing arm. However I did quite a few off-roading and fell a lot, so that position is highly compromise (proof that the original termi has scratches all over them)


This time I would try high mounted it to the frame which looks like the picture under. Given that the mount and pipes is very easy to fabricate in my country. The only 2 things that keep me awake is:

1. With this high position mount, I would like to run the pipe between the rear brake oil reservoir and the aluminum gas chamber for the rear shock, right through the space that open up when the stock exhaust and catalyst is removed. Combine with bad traffic and high engine temp, I afraid the heat emits from the pipe could damage the plastic housing of the brake reservoir and the shock’s gas aluminum casing. If I wrap it in cloth, would it reduce the heat maybe? (I thought about moving the gas chamber but there are none viable options at the moment other than get an Ohlin shock, but again I do quite a bit offroad here and then which null the street ability of the Ohlins and the price is steeped. The other thing I could do is rotate the brake reservoir to the outside and run the pipe as far as I could from the gas can without touching the swing-arm, which make the most sense right now)

2. The Leovince I got has a different diameter compare to the factory spec sheet. Mine was at inner diameter of 54mm, while on the Leovince GP style spec sheet it is 50mm. What is your diameter if you should have it installed?

In my opinion using this exhaust certainly slow the DS however it gave a great sound. When I still have leo installed, it was quite hard to get the bike over 100kmh, with the stock exhaust and 2 up, it was even easy to be riding at 160kmh. Getting a rexxer in Asia is not easy so I might have to settle with Power Commander from DynoJet.

Thanks Guys and Gals, hello from Vietnam.
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