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Dual Sport rides, have you?

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I rode several Dual Sports back in the late 80's, mostly on a borrowed XL185 and an NX250, my buddy worked for Honda at the time. The last one was a 500 miler over two days on NX250's. By the end of the weekend we had 850 miles between Friday night and Sunday night, with the 350 odd miles getting to the starting point and back home from the finish point. It was a blast, 90 percent was spent on US Forest trails, we would come back to pavement for Gas and Lunch then back to the trails. My point being the NX was set up basically like the Scrambler with similar tires, etc. basically a 90/10 bike (90% street/10% dirt). Very casual riding, basically a novice course was laid out with optional Intermediate and Expert loops tied in. We basically ran the easy loop both being on the NX's. They worked surprisingly well and I'm thinking the Scrambler could handle it no problem. I'm talking fairly well maintained forest trails here and nothing to aggressive, staying in that theoretical 10% zone.

With nothing to do but day dream till the things finally show up, I seem to be thinking in that direction, before I get too damn old.

Just wondering if anyone else has any Dual Sports under their belts and are considering a little dirt "Scrambling" on their new toy? (I'd hate to come back as a Scrambler and never get to play in the dirt once in a while)
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I'll be hitting dirt mud and gravel. Hopefully no tree climbing or deep puddles.
I've got a Cagiva Elefant, and there are plans for a trip to Morocco in 2016, I'll be taking the Scrambler!
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I have a Suzuki DR650 and have never taken it off the tarmac! It now has 17-inch wheels and street bike tyres, and makes a pretty good job of urban riding. But the Scrambler would be better at that.
That's partly the reason I'm going for the Scrambler.
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I'v had previously DR650 and TransAlp. Did a little gravel roads etc with both of them. Planning to do so (and done) with Scrambler also.

I don't know what each means with dirt trails but I consider them as roads/tracks that you wouldn't be comfortable taking a car to unless it's real 4x4 or single tracks easily maneuvered with MTB.

On that basis on dirt roads DR is better that Scrambler is better than TransAlp by small margins. But as those dirt roads are likely on the 10% mark on my diet _and_ highway use is minimal I'd say that Scrambler takes the cake. More dirt roads - I'd take DR. More highways - I'd take TransAlp. 10% dirt, 80% twisties, 10% highways - Scrambler.

Edit: It's still more of a Sport on Scrambler than on DR ;)
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