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Ducati factory locations

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Hi everybody! I'm from Argentina, and in a few days I'll receive my new icon in yellow.
But I have a question about Ducati or Scrambler... All Ducati motorcycles are made in Bologgna? Or there is another factory around the world?


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Scrambler Production is split between Bologna in Italy and Ducati's new assembly plant in Thailand.

I believe everywhere outside of the EU gets the Thai made bikes.
There have been no reports of any difference in quality. The Thai bikes are simply assembled in Thailand with parts made by Ducati's suppliers in Europe.

I don't place any value in where something is made. Pretty much all bikes are made on standardised production lines with the same quality control methods.

The only thing I worry about is where something is designed and developed. That's what makes the difference.
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I was told that only the Scrambler Independents come from Bologna, all the rest from Thailand. That has value to me.
That's only true outside of Europe. Inside Europe, they all come from Bologna.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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