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I had been using phone pay for the monthly DFS bill because my online bank did not have a payee entry for Ducati Financial Services.

However, they did have an entry for "Volkswagen Credit" and it did accept my DFS account number.

As a test, I send a payment of $1.00 and it posted properly to my account when I used online payment through my bank to Volkswagen Credit.

** YMMV **, but if your bank does not have an entry for DFS, try VW Credit and then send a test $1 payment.

Now I don't have to use phone pay anymore and pay it just like my electric and credit card bills.

As a side note, when my bank can't find a payee, it offers to still send a payment via old school paper check that they print and mail to an address you enter during setup. But obviously this way it is not electronic and the check can get lost in the mail. Using VW Credit as the payee allowed me to send the payment completely electronic.
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